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The balance of nature

By Leonard Rizzo

Special cases

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been fascinated by the natural world.

I learned all I could to understand the balance of nature and am still amazed by how the natural world works things out. From the tiniest seed to the largest beast, all life rejuvenates from death the system is so perfect it’s hard to believe God didn’t have a hand in it. Usually when humankind steps in to alter things they make a mess of it. If we just stood back and watched, we’d understand that God didn’t make any mistakes.

As we go through this pandemic, many animals and their caretakers are struggling due to lack of funds. Not only rescuers and shelters, but zoos and animal sanctuaries need help as well. The cost of running these organizations is enormous and without the public being able to visit and support, the burden is heavy.

When I first began raising money for my kids, I would donate $1,000 each year so that my supporters would see that I too walk the walk. For the past few years, my fund raising was enough that I needn’t contribute, though I did contribute in many other ways.

When the Foothills Humane Society announced they would have a virtual animal fair on Saturday the 16th of May, I decided to go visit the six Aussie Shepherd / Lab mix pups up in the whelping center. I tried to catch Susan Wallahara who tends to them like a mother hen. Of course, the staff said I’d just missed her.

I went into their cage and sat down and had puppies crawling all over me. For a time, there I felt just like that little boy who first began to learn the wonders of nature. The Foothills staff told me they already had 40 inquiries on them.

Later, I donated $500 toward the animal fair, half of this year’s contribution.

Please do what you can wherever you can, the animals know nothing of pandemics, or you can help me to help them.

I can be reached at: Lennie’s Kids, 245 Ioka Hills Rd., Columbus, NC 28722. I personally answer each and every letter I receive.

Stay well, God bless and thanks for listening.