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Low bid (NO), high bid (YES)

First of all, thank you, Tryon Daily Bulletin, for keeping us informed of activities in the Tryon area.

Your recent article on property revaluation informed us that the Polk County Commissioners are considering wasting $47,000 by not accepting the low bid.

One commissioner said the high bidder did a good job in 2017. The high bidder did stop by my house, took a picture and disappeared.

The commissioner thought the process was successful, as no one appealed to the state. Apparently, he did not notice the crowds at the monthly board meeting or the citizens at the appeal meeting. Perhaps he does not remember the whispers to one another during a break at the appeal meeting, “If we grant an appeal, we will have to make it up personally …”

Do you really think Wampler is worth an extra $47,000? Do you really believe that that money couldn’t be better spent on lower taxes or improve the drainage on Highway 176?


Bob Oldham, Tryon