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Community Chorus cancels annual Christmas concert

In the shade of a picnic shelter in Harmon Field, the board of directors of the Community Chorus made it official, to no one’s surprise, that there will not be an annual Christmas Concert at Polk High School this December. Along with a cancelled Spring Concert this past May, this is the first year missed since the first concert in 1973 at the Fine Arts Center.

Initially created as the Rotary Chorus as a fund raiser for local scholarships, the Chorus has developed a much greater community personality, representing participating singers (some of very high quality, some of lesser quality and a few even so-so) coming from the Carolina Foothills and beyond. The directors blend the mixed talents into great music. The Chorus has consistently included anywhere from 60 to 100 singers in each concert and has continually engaged outstanding professional directors which have experience in church, theatre, academic and other choral representations.

The accompanist, of course, provides the underlying support necessary to bring the music together. Pam McNeil has been the staple pianist with background experience in numerous genres, a blessing to all directors.

Simply, the Chorus has three main purposes: To provide opportunities for persons with interest in choral and instrumental music to perform publicly, to promote musical education in the community and to present concerts for exclusive purpose of contributing to the Rotary Club of Tryon Scholarship Fund. (All ticket sales go for scholarships).

There are plans for the 2021 spring concert with Susan Lyle to return as director.  Chorus rehearsals will begin in mid-February.

Submitted by Art Brown