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Communication, or lack there of

Communication, or lack there of


What Pet Peeves annoy you?

My pet peeve trifecta is any one or a combination of smokers, tail gators and texting drivers. Oh yes, one more: the subject of this letter.

Recently, I wrote an in depth letter to the Polk County Manager about what I view as antiquated and inadequate indoor recreation facilities. I attached a blank 3” x 3” post-it note to the letter to accentuate my point. Nine square inches per person is all the indoor recreation activity space Polk County provides for is 20,000 plus citizens.

A simple reply like, “Thanks Jim”, or “We appreciate your concerns,” would have only taken a moment. Three weeks and still no response.

My pet peeve is this. All public supported entities should have a standing policy which states every incoming legitimate question and or concern be answered in a timely courteous manner. Everyone, no exceptions. Otherwise the indifference is sad, inexcusable, rude and unprofessional.


Jim Stewart

Mill Spring