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Here we go again

More than $330,000 for a revaluation…

Stunned to read a commissioner say, “Never had any complaints …” Excuse me, but what were the protest meetings, TV news stories and appeals we attended?

Then, the commissioner said he didn’t want someone just driving by his property and giving him an appraisal. Excuse me again, but we never saw Wampler, and it was stated in a meeting they couldn’t possibly do every individual property.

So, let me remind you, they blanketed our neighborhood. Charged us $40,000 for our house lot, and now our neighbor had her property appraised to sell and it appraised less than Wampler’s tax evaluation! And you feel they are worth $47,000 MORE?

Gentlemen, your judgment is flawed. This is insanity to give them another chance to do more damage.

I can assure you that the last go round my husband and I conceded to this preposterous tax. Next go round, we will go to Raleigh.

Most sincerely,

Francine Gillam, Tryon