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WEG hospital and resources on taxpayer money?

I have read the article published in the Bulletin on Friday September 8 about the mobile hospital for WEG several times. I am still shaking my head.

I am confused by the statements from various Polk Commissioners and others that no additional Polk County funds are being used for this, no federal funds are being received, but that TIEC is only responsible for feeding and housing the extra manpower. 

“Decker said the state is providing resources and TIEC is not being charged for that.” Does this mean that TIEC, Mr. Bellissimo, the various business and hotels at TIEC are going to foot the bill from the huge profits they will be making?

Mr. Arledge said that there is work being done to have the event upgraded to a SEAR level II event “which means there would be federal funding.” In the wake of two major hurricanes and a debt ceiling being continually raised, do we really need Federal money (or any other government money) being spent on a sporting event? Yes, I know the Super Bowl etc., are SEAR II events, and I don’t feel those are a responsible use of tax money either.

I certainly hope Mr. Gasperson is being totally honest when he says that TIEC is not getting any special funding from the county. That would be the ultimate travesty if Polk citizens who can’t afford medical care for themselves had to foot the tax bill for a mobile hospital at WEG. 

Kaye Cannon, Lynn, N.C.